February 4, 2016

**Thursday** After yesterday's brain dump and a message from a friend, I have begun to realise that even though I really enjoy working for myself and don't need someone hanging over me managing my every move, I work far better and happier when I am in an environment with other people. Last year when I… Continue reading February 4, 2016

Daily Inspiration

Embrace Happy Challenge Day 1: Paper

Last month I started a photo-a-day challenge on Embrace Happy. I chose a theme word for each day of the month to prompt anyone who was interested to look at the world in a different way; with a bit of a different focus. There are a plethora of Photo-a-Day prompts out there, the greatest being… Continue reading Embrace Happy Challenge Day 1: Paper

Daily Inspiration

Tell me about your comfort zone

While we are all working hard and focusing on the good things in life, let's face reality as well while we're at it! There are hard times, times where we feel down, times where we want to crawl under the duvet, times where we just want to start the day over and erase what's gone… Continue reading Tell me about your comfort zone

Daily Inspiration

Make It Happen in 2015

As 2014 draws to a close (in the next 9 hours to be exact), it's time to start looking forward. I hate the idea of RESOLUTIONS. They are doomed from the start and quite unoriginal in their wording most of the time. Instead of writing down 5-10 sentences about what I aim to achieve, I… Continue reading Make It Happen in 2015

3 Good Things, Daily Inspiration


The Advent season is full swing now. In fact, we're half-way to the BIG DAY which is starting to make be just a bit jumpy at the moment. I still need to sort out presents for family abroad, a few things for my husband and local family and the dreaded Teacher's gifts! But do you… Continue reading #25daysofembracehappy

Daily Inspiration

Make It Happen

Hello Lovelies! When was the last time you made something happen? I mean, thought of an idea, created a plan, set up steps and goals to make it happen and then actually MADE IT HAPPEN! Never? Last month? Last year? How do we keep moving forward, onward, upward? You make it happen, that's how! The… Continue reading Make It Happen

Savour Our Weekend

Savour our Weekend- BritMums Live and Family Reunions

This past weekend was filled with inspiration, freedom, revitalisation and reunions. What an amazing weekend and one that I truly have savoured. I returned, for the first time in 2 years, to BritMums Live in London on Friday and Saturday. The largest blogging conference in the UK, BritMums Live brings together bloggers from all over… Continue reading Savour our Weekend- BritMums Live and Family Reunions

Daily Inspiration

My Happy Place

Over the weekend I challenged the members of the Embrace Happy Facebook Group to share their Happy Place in/around their homes. Of course, it's only fair that I share my Happy Place as well. I had a good think for a bit to figure it out. I have a very happy place which is a… Continue reading My Happy Place