March 2016

A Lovely Spring Day

Again, time has gotten away from me. We have been busy with dancing, school functions, work, Mark's new business and the stress of daily life. I am finding the time to write for me personally is virtually non-existent. Perhaps this is because I am actually a horrible time manager? Perhaps it's because by the time… Continue reading A Lovely Spring Day

January 2016

January 28, 2016

**Thursday** Have you ever seen someone scrambling an egg inside a shell? They have to make a small hole in one end, usually with a needle or pin or something relatively small. Then after the shell is pierced, they stir the egg inside like crazy with said needle or pin, thus scrambling the egg. Often… Continue reading January 28, 2016

Daily Inspiration

Appreciating the #littlemoments

This past week has been Half Term for us. It's our last Half Term break before the end of the school year. We now have 7 weeks until our 7 week Summer holiday and I can't wait! We had such a lovely week this past week. It was just Ella and Sammy and me during… Continue reading Appreciating the #littlemoments

Daily Inspiration

Be childish!

Hello Lovelies! Who has more fun than a child? Their day is centered around play and entertainment. If something doesn't grasp their full attention within minutes, they're on to the next thing that will hopefully be even better. Puddles are for jumping in! Sand is for digging in! A hill is for rolling! An open… Continue reading Be childish!

A Snap in Time

A Snap in Time- Park Fun

Tuesday was a day where the fun of the Easter break ended and the return to a normal routine began. We have approximately 12 weeks or so remaining until the end of the school year. Yes, I am counting down to the Summer holiday. I had told Ella, at the breakfast table, as an incentive… Continue reading A Snap in Time- Park Fun