January 2016

January 30, 2016

*Saturday* The sleepover girls, after having gone to bed around 10:30pm, woke up just after 7am! Thankfully, they both tiptoed downstairs to watch some telly, play some Minecraft and perfect their dance routine. I whipped up some crêpe-style pancakes for sustenance for their dance classes and then suddenly realised that we had very little time… Continue reading January 30, 2016

Daily Inspiration, Savour Our Weekend

Slow Down & #embracehappy

It's Saturday. Usually I like to lounge in bed on Saturday mornings while Mark gets up with the kids. This morning I was the gracious wife and got up with Ella and Sam and made pancakes. Pancakes are good for the soul you know? Especially with Nutella and marshmallows on top! I did decide, however,… Continue reading Slow Down & #embracehappy

Daily Inspiration

Someday is not a day of the week

Last night I was perusing Facebook on the iPad, as one does at 11pm when one should be going to bed. I saw an app advertised on Facebook for Reading Rainbow. Reading Rainbow is an American show on PBS (Public Broadcasting System...where Sesame Street lives) hosted by LeVar Burton. He presents stories, others narrate them,… Continue reading Someday is not a day of the week

Daily Inspiration


This past weekend I saw a status on Facebook from a company that I follow. They were re-posting a video created by a Dad who had videoed snippets from every Saturday morning with his daughter for several months. In the shots you see half of the Dad's face as he's sitting at his computer while… Continue reading Appreciation

Daily Inspiration

What makes your soul happy?

Yesterday I pinned a quote..."Take time to do what makes your soul happy". I love this. Take time. We don't do that much these days do we? We rarely seem to take time for ourselves, to focus on our partners, to fully appreciate and pay attention to our children. So maybe it's time, particularly on… Continue reading What makes your soul happy?